My Book: Waikiki Tiki: Art, History and Photographs

Waikiki Tiki: Art, History and Photographs a contemporary, landscape-styled book that offers a pictorial documentation of the past and present of tiki (and related art forms) throughout Waikiki as well as Hawaii's island of Oahu. This book displays original photographs that document the tiki art culture scene that blossomed after WWII through its modern forms today. A great many of the images captured in these pages no longer exist in real life. Much of the ephmemera and archival material pictured reside only in the author's private collection.

Comment from the World Wide Web:

"Midcentury poly-pop from Waikiki is kind of a gap in the documented world of tiki, and it looks like this book will fill that gap nicely!  Wow, that has lots AND LOTS of stuff I've never seen before!  Thanks for assembling all these materials - the book is deceptively voluminous, and seems to grow as you flip through it! " - Randy

"Your book is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Chris

"Ordered!" - Jim

"So many new to me Tiki images from the past that I'm still in sensory overload.  On first inspection,I went through the 250+ pages twice just to enjoy the images. Can't wait to read the text that goes with these great images.  A book like this was long overdue!"  - Freddie

"I always thought there should be some sort of book with all the tiki's around Oahu... and this is mainly just Waikiki.  I think it may be time soon to go to Oahu for the weekend." - Beachbumz

"Congrats on the book! It was beyond awesome to hang with you and take your walking tour.  Get this book, folks, if you haven't already!" - Tim

"I got a copy of your book the other day, really enjoyed seeing all of the Tiki's of Honolulu. Enjoyed seeing my friend Gecko in the book. Thank you for doing a great job on the book." - Roger  

"The book may appear small, but it is packed to the gills with photos. Took me 3 days to get through it. Highly recommended." - Ron

"I am having the best time reading your book, thanks for such a wonderful book. I love all the amazing pictures and I miss Honolulu. Hope to see you there soon" - Hilda

"I'm in Hawaii right now where this book has really inspired me!" - John-O

"Just got my book the other day.  You really did pack it full of pictures...that is my kind of book (pictures & captions) is just beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS and THANX!!!" - Marlene

"Just returned from two months in London to find this fantastic book waiting for me. Packed full with hundreds of glorious full-color images and photos of tikis in and around Waikiki, the book is pure eye-candy for tikiphiles everywhere. Mixing fascinating glimpses of Honolulu's lost cultural past with his own cool photos of tiki's continuing presence on O'ahu, Phillip has created an important work that documents Tiki's past and present in its original home. A wonderful addition to the Tiki/Polynesian Pop genre of books and a great Christmas present for anyone into Tiki or Hawaiiana." - Jay

Just picked up this great book, at the Big K(mart) in Kailua-Kona! It's lovely! - Louise

"A new Tiki book - YAHOO and thanks!" - Robb

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